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Stay Safe and Smart Online
Thank you for watching the video interview with Graeme Speak from BankVault

Stay Safe and Smart Online

The product we described, essentially works like this

Everytime you open BankVault SafeWindow, it is like opening a pristine and unique desktop that has never existed before, that is free from malware, viruses and spyware. Inside this SafeWindow, you can conduct your secure activities. Including ONLINE BANKING! With the assurance that your password and account details are secure.

The truth is: connecting to BANKING PORTALS from an insecure computer, warrants unnecessary risk.

We can be unaware to the risks of attack while we are online, but the truth is that we can have viruses, malware, keyloggers, phishing code, that is monitoring our online activities and we would have no idea.

Say, if you bought new computers for one-time use, it could guarantee that there is no infection. However, once it has been used, it could very well be infected.

BankVault’s SafeWindow, therefore, creates a Brand-New Computer every time! There can be no viruses on it, as it is created BRAND NEW EACH TIME.

Even if your personal computer is compromised, BankVault App’s, INVISIBLE KEYBOARD, in combination with SafeWindow, makes it impossible for the hacker to see your PASSWORDS. Whatever you type remains invisible to the hackers.

For more information and to subscribe to SafeWindow, please Click the link below

Stay Safe and Smart Online

BankVault & SafeWindow