Benefits of Changing to Clinic to Cloud

Benefits of Changing to Clinic to Cloud

We understand that with Covid -19 restrictions causing massive backlogs due to surgeries not being performed, most surgeons will be overwhelmed with work. Having efficient processes will become one of the most important aspects post Covid and the best software for you business will be one that allows flexibility and versatile enough to allow this.

Now is the time to move your Clinic to Cloud.

Benefits of Changing to Clinic to Cloud
Benefits of Changing to Clinic to Cloud

At Clinic to Cloud the benefits are;

  • The seamless post-op reporting that allows you to up-code and ensures you not miss any item numbers
  • Full Audit Trails
  • Multiple operating list in one day
  • Doctor App allowing the right information and billing anywhere
  • Take pictures that can be annotated and securely uploaded to the patient file without leaving unsolicited copies on your phone
  • Always having access to your schedule
  • Letter management tracking which letters you have dictated, completed, sent
  • Pathology results can be viewed and actioned from your smart device
  • Leveraging technology creates efficiencies allowing your Admin to support you and your patients improving the patient experience. Clinic to Cloud continually works on better automation and smarter workflows to create time savings allowing better patient engagement
  • Daily automated claims to Medicare and health funds
  • Automated SMS or Email reminders
  • Tailored email reminders with your branding and content that reduce calls to reception
  • Advanced and easy reporting including

  • Referrer report
  • Item number
  • Aged debtors

  • Procedure management module

  • Allows you to track which patients are booked and prepped for surgery and those that require a follow-up call

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Patient Portal

Benefits of Changing to Clinic to Cloud

We are familiar with the process of receiving a referral, investigating and managing the patient all the way to post-op recovery. The new world post COVID-19, your patients will expect more online engagement and an element of telehealth.

Benefits of Changing to Clinic to Cloud

One of the most under utilised resource in healthcare is the patient. Every patient wants to be more involved in their care journey. To ensure the patient is involved at the right level, Clinic to Cloud reduces your significant administrative burden creating client loyalty.

Benefits of Changing to Clinic to Cloud

Imagine a world where the patient is pre-registering online and uploading their referrals and other documents securely. At all times the patient is reviewing the fees estimate and what the procedure means to them because of the telehealth consult you had with them.

Here are some specific tips that you may want to consider:

In order for you to make up for the losses post COVID-19 it is important to review your processes and introduce some smarter and more efficient workflows that will help you maximise your practice, create efficiency for your team and better engage your patients

Clinic to Cloud is equipped to operate well in this unforeseen situation, all our people are equipped with mobile devices and cloud-first tools that will allow them to complete a demo for you and even on-board and train you and your team.

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