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90 days of Co-Managed
Threat Detection & Response

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See More & Respond Faster with Trend Micro’s Worry-Free with Co-Managed XDR

Even organizations with the most advanced protection layers aren’t immune to cyber threats – there’s no such thing as 100% prevention. The only way to stay secured is by putting the security parameters in place.

Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ with Co-Managed XDR is a cross-product, cross-customer, and cross-partner detection and response service, co-managed by Trend Micro and NETCorp, helping to mitigate threats.

Using Trend Micro’s expertise, along with NETCorp’s you can now elevate your security without additional resources. So, with XDR you get the best security experts in the world watching your back.


90 Days Free Co-Managed Threat Detection and Response with Trend Micro’s Worry Free Co-Managed XDR

Provides holistic threat visibility and correlation across endpoint and email, enabling proactive containment and intelligent response by Trend Micro’s threat experts.

Monitors customers’ Worry-Free XDR deployment 24/7 and will remotely investigate all critical security events. Real-time actions from endpoint and email security will be continuously sent to the Trend Micro threat analysts via event logs and alerts.

Adds co-managed detection and response services for MSPs in addition to providing everything Worry-Free XDR provides you, along with:

  • 24/7 threat experts
  • Cross-customer analysis
  • Cross-partner analysis
  • Incident response
  • Monthly case activity summary report.

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Black Friday Sale

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