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NETCorp Cloud Services brings an innovative solution – Clinic to Cloud – for our medical practitioners’ community. Clinic to cloud is a cloud-based intuitive clinic management software that integrates information system of a medical clinic to help deliver optimum medical, administrative and patient engagement. From appointment scheduling to clinical reports, from letter generation to billing – everything is made easy with this practice management tool.

Clinic to Cloud


Manage your clinic’s all-around operation from a single platform from anywhere anytime

Clinic to Cloud

Patient Portal

Traditional Systems have a disconnect with Patients. Wouldn’t it be better to share information more easily with a patient to speed up the process, remove bottlenecks and delays.

Clinic to Cloud enhances patient participation as they can make appointments, view approved test results, fee estimates, invoices and more.

Being able to make the experience with your clients easier for them, will in turn improve your client retention, gaining more referrals and growing your business.

Clinic to Cloud


Manually adding appointments can be very time consuming and prone to errors.

Clinic to Cloud allows quick and easy scheduling of appointments and helps you smartly manage patient queues, cancellation & no turn-ups

This provides, shorter wait times for patients and also better utilization of empty blocks of time.

Clinic to Cloud

Mobile App

Traditionally when a Doctor is not in the Examination room, tasks are put on hold. This is a bottleneck, especially with managing letters.

Doctor App, the iOS Mobile Application integrated with Clinic to Cloud brings clinic management to your fingertips.

Doctors can now, follow up tasks, add appointments, view lab results, write letters etc.

Clinic to Cloud

Letter Writing

Writing letters is a very time-consuming process. Clinicians are spending hours on letters per week and probably wishing there is a better way.

Clinicians are spending hours on letters per week

Clinic to Cloud has integrated mobile dictation technology where clinicians can dictate in the palm of their hands. Not only can you dictate letters from the desktop/laptop, you can dictate into the clinical file using the Doctor App.

It helps by securely keeping patient data within your Australian practice management software and automatically links your customised templates, referring doctor and interested parties, while saving your admin staff hours per week.

Clinic to Cloud

Procedure Management

Admin staff are spending hours following up on patients who need surgery

Clinic to Cloud has a pm module that enables practice staff to follow up on patients who need an operation,
illustrating the patient details, procedure and fees associated with the procedure.

It helps by providing practice staff with a faster way to book patients into surgery to improve duty of care and increase financial performance.

Clinic to Cloud

Secure Communication – eTasks

Clinicians and their practice staff are spending hours per day trying to communicate effectively.

Clinic to Cloud has a secure e-Task functionality that provides a secure method of communicating between the web browser and the Doctor App.

It helps by linking using time and date stamps in every clinical interaction in the patient file to increase compliance while improving communication in the practice.

Clinic to Cloud comes with
Medical Grade Voice to Text

Generate more letters or add details to the medical record by dictating to our Clinic Management System

Clinic to Cloud
Clinic to Cloud
Clinic to Cloud

Learn More About the Benefits of Clinic to Cloud

Clinic to Cloud

Improved Team Communication

Improved workflows, reduced turnaround times and streamlined documentation boost communication among doctors, admin staff and patients within the clinic management software.

Clinic to Cloud

More Appointments

Greater patient engagement is made possible with enhanced visibility and access to required information by patients. Also, the admin teams can use their freed-up time to be more involved in one-on-one patient care.

Clinic to Cloud

Remove Cumbersome Processes

Automated templates and automated recall through Patient Portal reduces phone calls to the reception.

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Clinic to Cloud being a cloud-based clinical management platform can refine healthcare practice by reducing operating costs, removing redundancies and by improving the revenue cycle. This practice management system provides all the required and relevant data on a single platform, thereby providing in-depth insights into your clinic’s operation and the quality of patient care.

It’s time to adapt to a future-proofed practice management tool, for growing your practice and prioritising the highest quality patient care.

NETCorp Cloud Services will on-request provide training to onboard you to this robust cloud technology. Moreover, there are various of videos tutorials to help you through each aspect of the software.

A win-win solution for Doctors, Admins and Patients alike – Clinic to Cloud.