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2020 threw up challenges, that were neither predicted nor anticipated, not only for us but for businesses world over. The lockdown was particularly challenging for MSP’s as we had to stay afloat while stepping-up services for supporting our customers.

The pandemic was an eye-opener too, businesses realized how futuristic technologies can help their business stay light and alive. Our clients who migrated from traditional technologies to cloud-based solutions were awestruck to see that their business operations remained unaffected even during the lockdown.

The demand to innovate one’s business model has never been higher. This expectation is why we are continuing to add innovative and multi-dimensional products to our range of services.

In this, the new products that we have introduced are:



3CX is an open-platform PBX VoIP phone system that works with popular IP phones and SIP trunks whether on-premises or in the cloud. This product offers complete Unified Communication features from mobility and status to advanced contact centre features and more.

Though we introduced 3CX at the end of 2019, it was not until the lockdown in 2020 that many of our clients came door-knocking for this phone system. 3CX played a major role in helping us stay connected with our team even when they were working from home. Another major tool that helped us collaborate was Microsoft 365.

The ease of deployment and use was experienced by several clients. Especially in case of Bateman Medical Centre, when they had to migrate from the traditional PBX, we deployed 3CX and easily transitioned their entire phone system within a day. Success stories like these were a breather from the all-around gloom and doom of lockdown.

Safe Window


This is another innovative product that we have added to the line of products we sell. SafeWindow by BankVault is like a new virtual computer that secures all your online transaction from hacking. It is like a safety vault that makes you invisible to hackers and malware. This product is especially relevant as Australian businesses are constantly targeted by international hackers. You can know more about the BankVault here.

Clinic to Cloud


Medical industry has been our niche for quite some time and bringing the innovation of the sector to our clients is our responsibility. Clinic to cloud is a cloud-based intuitive clinic management software that integrates information system of a medical clinic to help deliver optimum medical, administrative, and patient engagement. From appointment scheduling to clinical reports, from letter generation to billing – everything is made easy with this practice management tool. You can learn more about clinic to cloud here.



Tevalis is a scalable and futuristic Point of Sale Solution for small businesses. Tevalis is an ecosystem, and the best point of sale system for small or large venues, with integrations and internal functionalities that ease the burden of doing business and reduces the total cost of ownership. Tevalis also incorporates dramatic cost savings. Know more about NETCorp POS here.



Small businesses have either already moved online or are thinking of it. With COVID-19, one arena that flourished well is eCommerce. To help small businesses with either Point of Sale Solution or online business, NETCorp POS has partnered with Windcave to provide Local and reactive support and competitive pricing to save time and money. Most importantly, NETCorp POS using Windcave allows consolidation of Online Sales, InApp Sales, and OTC sales linked to one Merchant ID. Windcave provides integrity with Banking Services as we understand the importance of integrated solutions that are locally supported. Learn more about EFTPOS here. 

To provide easy access to our products and services, we have incorporated Nine dots on the right-hand top corner of our websites.

Apart from our increased product range, we have also laid the foundation for much more to be completed by 2021. Our future project would integrate a lot of our services to provide our clients with a never before customer experience. Our new platform will enable us to deliver highly scalable services.

Bettering our services and product range with technology that will help our clients to stay ahead and scale with minimum investment, is something that we are striving for each year. 2020 not only taught us how to stay grounded and resilient in the face of adversities but also that by supporting each other we can help businesses stay afloat.

If you wish to try any of these products, please call one of our friendly sales team member