Ensures the most secure backup

NETCorp has partnered with several companies to provide the best solution for the ever-evolving IT needs. With the volume of data increasing at an unbelievable speed, the need of the hour is a futuristic solution that will not only cater to the present needs but also will take care of future requirements.


While looking to partner with a backup service provider, we decided to raise the bar and set goals -simple to use, stable, scalable and technologically advanced for data protection – and we found that Acronis is the most reliable and easy-to-use backup for businesses of all size. With 500000 businesses supported by, 200000 ransomware attacks prevented and 2X faster than the closest competitor, we know we are offering our clients the best backup solution.



100% availability and zero downtime

Acronis’s proactive protection monitors suspicious behaviours, immobilizes potential threat and restores damaged files across network and devices. With threats kept at bay, your systems will run to its full capacity and will always be available. Acronis’s advanced recovery technology helps in restoring systems within seconds after a disaster ensuring zero downtime.

360-degree data protection

Acronis provides flexibility and reliability irrespective of platform or application you are using. It also gives multiple admin roles to monitor and access data from different data sites across branches and remote offices.

Swift backup

Acronis helps you run a backup with lightning speed, ensuring your productivity remains unhampered. This way you can run back up as often as you want and save money in case of a disaster.

More savings

Acronis provides flexible deployment with on-premises or cloud deployment models. It also promises scalability at zero capital investment with hosted deployment models.

Add measurable value to your Communication

with Acronis