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We at NETCorp see Managed Service as a unified whole which encompasses, supports and enhances our client’s business infrastructure. Hence, we have attached the Asset Management Service to our Managed Service Solution as a value-added feature.

A piece of equipment can’t manage itself; a complete system needs to be implemented to monitor asset health, performance and control its lifecycle. Each equipment passes through various stages in its lifecycle with every operating wear-n-tear hour reducing its capability. However, with a system in place to gauge its daily performance, send reminders for maintenance and to alert you when it’s time to decommission the device, you can reduce the downtimes with optimised scheduling to achieve increased asset utilisation.

With our Asset Management service, we help you keep track of your assets ensuring that each piece of equipment is utilised to its optimum capacity while performing effortlessly and is in compliance with the regulatory norms.

Delivering value all the way

Asset ManagementSaves maintenance costs

Asset ManagementNo more downtimes

Asset ManagementIncreased asset reliability

Asset ManagementEliminates non-compliance risks

Asset ManagementCreates a scope for innovation and expansion

Asset Management

We manage assets via our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) and Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools, allowing us to track and assess the health of your physical infrastructure. Asset management involves procurement, deployment, management, and decommissioning of devices according to their respective life cycles. Our asset management service helps in optimising the daily operations of your employees and equipment by increasing their daily performance and ultimately their lifespan.

Asset Management

To manage your assets smartly