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Australia is ranked fifth in the number of exposed records by country at a whopping 20,035,981 – an average of 834,833 exposed records per breach (Risk Based Security, Inc, 2018)

True, but we have your back!

NETCorp IT Solutions offers an unabridged security solution that blankets everything from users to network, from PCs to cloud and from server to mobiles. We offer a 4-point solution which includes
Concentrated on Work

Review-Guidance and Planning

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24/7/365 Monitoring




Review-Guidance and Planning

Our team of cybersecurity experts will first review the current network, system and other security apparatus in place while looking for vulnerable areas. Our experts will then draw up a customised security plan encompassing everything. Right from human resource to the edge of your technology, all aspects are taken into consideration leaving no cracks for vulnerabilities to creep in.


We believe that if the people who handle technology are empowered to identify and mitigate risks, intrusions and data leaks can be prevented many folds. So, we start with educating your manpower. We impart knowledge to your team on how to sense potential threats in email, what to do if you accidentally open an email loaded with a virus, how to secure mobile, laptop and other devices and how to safeguard your data if you misplace your laptop. Our team will then secure your network perimeters, intranets, systems, servers, emails, connected devices and backups with high-end and futuristic cybersecurity solutions that can defend against the most malicious threat.

Proactive Monitoring

Malware programs keep looking for a gap to infiltrate into the system. A moment of lapse can cost big! We integrate your security with our RMM to provide 24/7/365 surveillance with quick response time to ensure threats don’t penetrate. Thus, creating impenetrable, multi-level security for your systems, network and data, making it impregnable even the most potent and intelligent spyware/malware.


We have a well-defined and tested incident response plan helping us deploy a rapid response to limit the extent of damage to the minimum. Our proactive monitoring alerts us of abnormal behaviours and we keenly scan for potential attack vectors and signs of an incident. Upon identification, we develop a containment strategy to mitigate the hosts and systems under attack and preventing further damage. We understand that cyber-attacks can create a frenzied environment and are trained to think clearly and act swiftly even under pressure. Decisions taken during crucial moments like these can have a make-or-break effect.

However, we don’t stop there!

Our experts dive into root cause analysis – what went wrong, how did the threat penetrate our system and all other aspects. We then take measures to limit such an incident to a once in lifetime one.

Our advanced and futuristic security solutions which are coupled with NETCorp IT Solution’s patch management and RMM offer multi-tiered 360-degree protection. Our solution enhances the visibility of your network helping you gain complete control with intelligent automation.

What we do

  • Securing your physical, virtual and cloud environment
  • Securing right from the front line to the core of your activities
  • Securing data, applications and creating application awareness
  • URL and email filtering
  • Encryption
  • Securing your network and peripherals with the best Anti-virus
  • Proactive monitoring

Security breaches can be exorbitantly expensive considering the cost involved in getting the data back from wrong hands, loss of business, and reputation loss.

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