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IT is an integral part of a business that helps in smooth functioning. Every company, irrespective of its size and operation, needs a foolproof IT infrastructure which includes Devices, Hardware, Software, Unified Communication, Network, Backup, Internet and Cyber Security. But the intricacies of setting up an IT infrastructure can give you a chill. That is where Project Management comes in.

Experts in IT Project Management, we ensure each aspect of your IT is just the way you need and only what you need. No redundant technology! No unnecessary cost! We provide tailored solutions for your IT needs. We understand that each need is different, for some, IT requirement can be around a new project, for others it could be about overall re-structuring and for yet other businesses it could be about relocation. Our team looks at each requirement exclusively and in-depth to understand and deliver just what is required.

How this works?

Project Management


NETCorp will first evaluate your current IT infrastructure and will try to understand how it is working for you, its best features and where the current infrastructure needs tweaking for optimum results.
Project Management


We give time and attention to every IT requirement that you tell us about. We strive to achieve a thorough understanding of your goals and vision to provide the most efficient technology solution. For relocation, even the external circumstances are taken into consideration.
Project Management


NETCorp scrutinizes each goal to the last detail to come up with a comprehensive plan. Economy, utility and room for expansion are key considerations we give while chalking out a plan. Our futuristic Project Management Solution looks not only into your current needs but also leaves scope for future expansion. Why waste resources on every upgrade?
Project Management


Once the project plan has been finalized, we engage with vendors and strategically carry out negotiation so that you get the best. Our procurement experts will collaborate for you with the vendors so that your main area of business gets undivided attention.
Project Management


We deploy IT with minimum hindrance to keep your work unaffected.

Information and Communications Technology has been our business for years, NETCorp is a generation IT company that has witnessed everything from complex and clumsy technology to the most intuitive ones, and that’s an experience that counts.

From simple upgrade of desktops to setting up of complex networking and unified communication systems, NETCorp has it all – expertise, resources and genuineness. Our vendor management service has brought us praises, our vast network of vendors and team of expert negotiators will get you the right solution for the right price.

NETCorp’s Project Management Service is multi-tiered, however, we offer complete customisation.

Project Management


For setting up or upgrading an IT infrastructure, whatever your need - a fleet of devices, hardware or software - NETCorp’s team will undertake sourcing activities, negotiation and strategic selection of products at the most competitive prices. Every factor - from requirement to feasibility to future upgrades - everything is discussed and strictly adhered to while sourcing. Transparency and accountability remain at the core of our procurement service.
Project Management


Plugging the right things in the right way can be scary to those who are new to it. Our experience with tall standing servers, detangled cables and the most sophisticated clouds has equipped us in carrying out even the most complex installations with ease and calm. NETCorp’s Project Management Solution comes with follow-up support of the installed products.
Project Management


A new technology or a device can be intimidating to many. Be it from a traditional technology to cloud or an entirely new technology, we make sure that you make the touch down with minimal disruption. An upgrade is 100% successful when everybody interacting with it accepts it and starts using it with comfort and agility. NETCorp ensures this transition is achieved through understanding of the technology. Let your client satisfaction remain untouched as you grow and expand technologically.
Project Management


Packing, moving and unpacking can be daunting without the right kind of support. Under our Project Management Solution, we ensure your relocation to a new place remains as convenient as a plug and play experience. We adhere to a comprehensive list of Must Haves and To Dos to make sure nothing is missed out in the process. We collaborate with third parties and vendors to ensure your new space is ready to go from the moment your team enters. Meticulous planning, appropriate sourcing and careful installation are factors that script success for our relocation service. NETCorp promises a hiccup free seamless relocation that cuts your downtime and increases customer satisfaction.

From consultation to execution, NETCorp’s Project Management Service takes everything into consideration so that your focus remains on your business. Tailored solution for any industry of any size.

Add measurable value to your projects with

NETCorp’s Project Management Service.