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For businesses, be it of any size, data is the most precious asset. Most organizations still bet on a traditional backup solution to thwart threats like ransomware when a proactive data protection solution with built-in next-generation technology is required. NETCorp helps businesses to employ a comprehensive and reliable approach to modern data security issues.

Back-up Solution

Simplicity with modernization has been the motto of our backup and recovery solution - Acronis!

Understanding is the key to providing fail-proof, proactive and zero-downtime solution. Knowing your needs, present infrastructure and major risks help us in providing a fail-proof backup service that boosts operational efficiency while providing multi-dimensional security.

The modern backup solution by Acronis deploys machine learning to fight threats like ransomware. Thus, proactively detecting, stopping and automatically reversing the threats.

At the core of our backup solution is its ability to recover data after an unstoppable disaster. We ensure quick failover and instant access to backups helping you continue your business effortlessly.

Back-up Solution

Why NETCorp for a backup solution?

NETCorp has been helping organizations across Perth in protecting their data and maintaining uptime. Our fast and scalable data protection services are tailored to each business’s need. We have been meticulously choosing the best in the industry backup solution provider to partner with.
Back-up Solution

The NETCorp difference

Back-up SolutionBrilliant Performance

Back-up SolutionCost-effective

Back-up SolutionSecurity

Back-up SolutionAll-encompassing Capability

Back-up SolutionDisaster Recovery

Back-up SolutionExpert technical support 24/7/365

Back-up SolutionCertified Partner of Acronis

Back-up Solution

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