Risk Assessment


Organisations do have a general security practice in place, but most are unaware or lack the expertise to understand the threats covered under these cybersecurity practices. For instance, are you aware of the types of viruses that are not blocked by your antivirus software?

Therefore, we have partnered with ConnectWise Identify, an online risk assessment platform, that allows you to assess your entire business security position on an ongoing basis. This platform provides you with tools, questions, and remediation strategies to help understand the threats and vulnerabilities.

With a clear knowledge, you would be better equipped to plan out high-risk practices that need remediation. You can run the risk assessment many times over to monitor and track the progress from your initial baseline report towards a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The security assessment report lays the foundation for a complete security-based remediation recommendation. With each risk assessment report, you trace your progress to see how the gaps are being filled towards building a robust and mature security posture.

This platform also provides several out of the box reports which allow you to compare how you measure up to other businesses in the same industry, size and geography.

Risk Assessment

Save time, money and gain a clear vision of your security posture today!

What’s included

  • The Five Tenants of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Portal to View Assessment Report
  • Download Risk Assessment Report in Minutes
  • Heat Map of Risk Priority
  • Recommendations to Address Each Risk
  • Peer Comparison by Vertical, Geography, or Size

What makes NETCorp IT Solutions combined with ConnectWise Identify special?

As a security-first MSP, we offer not only threat intelligence but also cybersecurity solutions to monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats. Our remote assessment platform is specially built by Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) for CISO’s. Some of the most influential and well respected CISO’s in the industry contribute to all aspects of our solution. The tools are designed to help security professionals assess remote or franchise locations, along with 3rd party vendors (if required) all from a single application dashboard.

NETCorp IT Solution’s combined Managed Services and Information Security services can operate as a SaaS-based, low cost, interactive, nonintrusive solution that may not require additional labour, hardware, appliances or devices that could potentially impact the network. It’s easy to use interface generates reports that compare to what you would receive from a traditional consulting firm but at a fraction of the costs, within minutes of being launched. Additionally, the ConnectWise Identify online risk assessment can be run multiple times a year based on organisational needs and isn’t restricted to a traditional assessment schedule and cost.

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