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A Responsive Website Triples Leads

How A Building Designer Tripled His Leads With A Responsive Website

A website crafted with the perfect blend of imagery and words

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Designed by C is a building designer in Busselton, who specializes in Passive Solar designs for Home and Commercial structure. Their love for natural light and airy spaces were evident in their projects and designs which needed an appropriate medium to be showcased to the right audience.

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Project Overview

Ciaran, CEO of Designed by C wanted a responsive website centred mainly on lead generation. The main aim was to showcase his architectural excellence aesthetically. So, the UX concentrated on seamless navigation that flowed towards the company portfolio. We were also entrusted to set up a social media presence for the company, which was done along with training on How to use each social media channel for leveraging them as lead generating machines.

“Having a professional-looking website has helped me get a more serious online presence and it showcases some of my most recent work which saves time when following up leads.”
– Ciaran Rothkamm, CEO, Designed By C

Passive Solar Design

Design Considerations

NETCorp was recommended to Ciaran by his colleague, and he did his research before contacting us. We have an initial deep-diving process in place to gain a complete understanding of the client’s business and project requirements. As we dug deep, we understood that the company wanted a website that is easy to maintain, had a lucrative modern design and navigated seamlessly. Ciaran, being a designer, understood the aesthetics of colour combinations and different visual components. We decided to make it an integrated process by working hand-in-hand with him.

DesignedbyC Branding 1 1

“I was really pleased with NETCorp’s interpretation and execution of my ideas, and the final result is amazing.”
– Ciaran Rothkamm, CEO, Designed By C

As we started designing keeping key elements as cornerstones, we realized Designed by C had a lot of photos and videos that they wished to incorporate into the website. As each image detailed a piece of brilliance about their project, we were in jinx to fuse in an enormous amount of architectural work to the small website. This kick-started a process of brainstorming within our design team to get the best to showcase the best.

“I mainly use it to showcase my portfolio. For that, it has been a great tool with many positive comments from new and potential clients.”
– Ciaran Rothkamm, CEO, Designed By C

We built a design atop the most user-friendly CMS platform, WordPress, using the latest responsive technology. WordPress enabled our client to easily edit the portfolio section and to add details of his projects as and when they were completed.

Social Media Pages

Once the complete website structure was ready and approved by the client, we created social media accounts for Designed by C in sync with his brand identity. He wanted to integrate social media pages with the website and use them as a medium to divert his prospects to his web page.

Resources created for different social media accounts showcased the excellence of Designed by C’s the excellence in designing passive solar structures. The images resonated with Ciaran’s client persona to create engagement.

DesignedbyC Social Media Copy

“I have been successful in directing potential clients from my social media accounts which NETCorp helped me to set up”
– Ciaran Rothkamm, CEO, Designed By C

In-depth training in WordPress detailing every aspect of the website was imparted to help the client easily edit the website. This gave Ciaran not only the liberty to play around with his website but a professional understanding of how each aspect correlates to create what is seen on the website of Designed by C.

Social media training, on the other hand, helped him understand the intricacies of the right kind of content that builds engagement with the audience.

Closing Notes

We believe with a fluid design, brand coherence and responsive web design, we have been able to build a website that brought leads, helped them gauge client’s design excellence and make that buying decision.

To build a Lead Generating Website

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