7 Reasons to Consider Managed Services for Microsoft 365

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Blog 7 Reasons To Consider Managed Services For Microsoft 365

Make the most out of Microsoft 365 with an MSP

Most small businesses we interact with are in love with Microsoft, and the same goes for us. Microsoft 365 is like an ecosystem built-in cloud that allows you to integrate several of their products so seamlessly that you can just jump and hop from one to another in one click. But managing it alone can be a nightmare, this is where a Managed Service for Microsoft 365 comes for help.

Small companies sometimes are wary of leaping to the cloud considering the complexity involved in cloud migration. But legacy systems are dying down and as a business, you have to take that step ahead to keep your business moving. Even in terms of cost, redundant technologies are way more expensive and demanding with a shallow return on investment.

Microsoft 365 is an amazing tool to support several aspects of your business. However, without the right help, you may fail to unlock its full potential. In this, having a Managed Service Provider can help your team to migrate effortlessly.

Another factor is poor compliance and poor Microsoft 365 usage. As per LinkedIn’s research, 43% of users who have a Microsoft Teams subscription are not using their application! The study also noticed many instances where employees left the business, but the business was still paying for their Microsoft 365 subscription which leads to wasted IT budget.

If you have a managed IT provider on speed dial, you will never need to spend your valuable time and resources on learning Microsoft 365. Instead, you’ll benefit from having an experienced third party who is dedicated and can manage the technology needs of your small business.

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Why consider Managed Services for Microsoft 365?

1. Intelligent deployment of Microsoft 365

Underuse and overpay are major concerns affecting small businesses when it comes to Microsoft services. There are myriad M365 apps that can be integrated and used wisely to get the best for your money.
Does your business need a content management platform coupled with a storage solution? MSPs can set you up with SharePoint and OneDrive to get you started. With an MSP by your side, you can elevate your business by choosing the most performing and the right tools apt for your small from the arsenal of Microsoft365.

2. License Management

Your focus needs to be on business and not on remembering the dates of renewals for every solution you use. Let a Managed IT provider handle that for you. Microsoft licensing can be intimidating. An MSP can help you choose the right license fit for your business. Moreover, MSPs have streamlined onboarding and offboarding processes, taking off the headache of managing these on your own. These processes also ensure that no information is lost and ensure that companies don’t waste money maintaining unwanted licenses.

3. Happy employees

Your workforce would be good at managing their work and brilliant in doing what they do with the use of different technology, like Office 365 applications. However, they need assurance that they have their back covered if technology crashes. Managed Service Providers can help you keep up with these improvements, manage critical changes, and ultimately improve the experience of the employees that utilize these systems.

4. Security

Microsoft comes with a basic level of security. However, having another security perimeter ensures all your data is secured. With Managed Service providers updating and looking after the security chances of a major outage are far less. Also, in the event of an unfortunate incident, an MSP can help to retrieve your data while promising a minimum downtime. Disaster recovery capabilities are critical, a sentiment echoed by many leaders across the globe.

5. Enhanced service experience

We’ve discussed improving employee experience, but managed services can be so much more with end-to-end service delivery. Not only can managed services assist in process improvement and manage critical systems, but they can also deliver these benefits end-to-end. Companies no longer need to spend internal hours and additional resources to create training materials, adoption strategies, and best practices – the list goes on and on.

6. Scale

As you scale your business the infrastructure also needs to be scaled effortlessly.
Partner with a managed service provider to scale your business in real-time, any time you need it. Microsoft 365 services provide services at scale, so your business can secure the resources you need when needed. MSPs have the knowledge and expertise to help you scale your resources and avoid these challenges, keeping you competitive in the market.

7. Support

Speaking of support, with Manage Service Providers handling your Microsoft 365 services, you have immediate access to industry professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to resolve issues impacting your Microsoft 365 services. This benefit reduces the strain on your internal IT and gives team leaders the assurance that they can focus on the tasks at hand – growing the business.
If your company doesn’t have an internal IT team to rely on, MSPs provide you with your own IT department that shows up on time, every time, right when you need it. And the best part? When they’re not working on your systems, they’re not on the clock.

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