Amendment on Casual Employment

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Amendment On Casual Employment 2

Casual Employment Information Sheet Made Mandatory

Small business employers need to provide CEIS to casual employees soon after 27th March 2021

There have been recent changes done in Casual Employment, according to Fair Work Act for Small Business employer, the employer needs to give a copy of the Casual Employment Information Sheet (CEIS) to all the existing Casual Employees (joined before 27th March 2021) as early as possible after 27th March 2021.

Other employers must give their existing casual employees a copy of the CEIS as early as possible after 27 September 2021.

Casual Employee:

An employee is a casual employee when he accepts the offer from the employer and there is no firm advance commitment to the ongoing work with agreed terms and patterns.

For casual employment, an employer needs to consider 4 factors while offering the job:

  • The employer can choose to offer work and it is the employee’s choice whether to work or not.
  • An employee will be offered work only if the employer needs the work.
  • The work is described as casual employment.
  • An employee will be paid a casual loading or a specific pay rate. A regular pattern of work does not automatically mean is permanent(full-time/part-time) work.

A casual employee can become a permanent (full-time or part-time) employee in some circumstances. This is known as ‘casual conversion’.

For more information on Casual conversion please go through

Causal Employment Information Sheet (CEIS):

Once the casual employee starts their new job the employer must give them CEIS on or before the joining date whichever is the earliest.

An employer need to give CEIS to the casual employee only once in the period of 12 months. For example, if an employee has been hired for a job temporarily at a different stage in a 12-month period then the employer needs to give the employee CEIS only once in 12 months.

CEIS was first published on 29th March 2021 and was updated on May 2021, the updated version includes more information on casual employment and small changes made in casual conversion for existing employees.

CEIS has the information on:

  • Casual employment
  • when an employer has to offer casual conversion
  • when an employer does not have to offer casual conversion
  • when a casual employee can request casual conversion
  • casual conversion entitlements of casual employees employed by small business employers.
  • the role of the Fair Work Commission to deal with disputes about casual conversion.

Employers need to give casual employees the version of the CEIS that is in place when they must issue the CEIS. Employers should check back here regularly to make sure they give the correct version.

The employer can give the CEIS to the casual employees via:

  • in person
  • by mail
  • by email
  • by emailing a link to this page of our website
  • by emailing a link to a copy of the CEIS available on the employer’s intranet
  • by fax
  • by another method.

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