BankVault SafeWindow – You cannot hack what doesn’t exist.

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BankVault SafeWindow – You cannot hack what doesn’t exist.

If you lost your Identity & Funds through Hacking and Online Theft, how long would your business survive?

Hackers now have automated systems to attack and steal. The technology that is used to connect to services on the internet is highly vulnerable from attack. It is getting harder and harder to remain safe online.

Almost all cybercrime attacks target PCs and smartphones. Most common is the use of standard code, which is read by your browser as NOT DANGEROUS and is a new generation of attack which is undetectable because it uses legitimate code such as JavaScript in the browser or arrives via software updates. This invisible code on average can sit hidden in your PC for months or years during which time they discover everything about you. Then an attack that destroys you takes just seconds. They easily capture login details to online platforms such as banks, share portfolios, or encrypt file systems for ransom. Then it is up to you to prove what was stolen or find a way to salvage lost data crippling your business, your cash flow and destroying your business and reputation.

How does it work?

BankVault provides a simple desktop or browser interface which creates a temporary, invisible, virtual computer in a secure data centre to conduct online transactions.

SafeWindow is like using a brand-new computer every time you login. It bypasses dangerous malware, viruses, keyloggers and Man-in-the-Browser attacks that can intercept your online banking transactions.

It is designed for Small to Medium businesses, who require rock-solid protection but don’t have the corporate budget for it. It is a popular choice amongst Property Conveyancers, Real Estate Agents and Financial Planners where transaction security is paramount.

NETCorp encourages everyone to take control and use SafeWindow when accessing your online banking, crypto wallets, or use it to open email attachments or web hyperlinks with complete immunity because you are safe to do so inside a separate and disposable system.

BankVault SafeWindow – You cannot hack what doesn’t exist.
BankVault SafeWindow – You cannot hack what doesn’t exist.
BankVault SafeWindow – You cannot hack what doesn’t exist.

You cannot get infected if you are completely isolated – a new generation of cybersecurity.

Once your PC is infected, a hacker can intrude, control and defeat your protection shields even if you use a banking fob or 2 Factor Authentication SMS.

SafeWindow a cybercrime by giving you a fresh new computer on every login. It forces a deliberate process because we can truly not adjudge if our PC is safe or not. A SafeWindow has is a completely trusted and certified platform for transactions to occur.

The SafeWindow system builds a completely clean, new, virtual machine which is remotely viewable on your computer. Nothing is installed locally. Then using the “invisible remote keyboard” from your mobile phone, passwords can be typed without the risk of being copied or stolen.

Using SafeWindow, you can safely open potentially hazardous email attachments or web hyperlinks which keeps your online experience completely separated from your local device. You can even look at a ransomware attack directly in the face and know you are not going to infect yourself or your corporate network. You can simply delete the email and it evaporates completely. Logging in again creates a completely clean virtual inoculated connection to the online world.


The app includes a feature that ensures your session can never be intercepted from an unwanted visitor.

We need to realise that in a changing world, where the risk of attack is ever increasing, we need to protect ourselves with solutions that actually work. SafeWindow has been safely used for 6+ years, saving its users from losing Millions of Dollars.

Not one breach has occurred since the system has been introduced which is why we are recommending this product. It will become an indispensable weapon for you and your business in this dangerous online world.

Please click on the GET SAFEWINDOW TODAY button below and we will take you to the Secure BANKVAULT sign up page.