Cyber Protection Year

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Cyber Protection Year

All is not doom and gloom when every news article is centred around COVID-19, there are important things that you might be missing such as, the security of your business.

This year we celebrated the first-ever World Cyber Protection Week. An initiative to evolve your defences with an integrated, modern approach. With your team working from remote locations using individual laptops and accessing your sensitive data from varied locations, the need for security has now become a priority. Hackers are targeting this dependence on digital tools and the flaws in the infrastructure with the sudden and unprecedented shift.

Several phishing emails and messages (containing infected files) relating to coronavirus alerts are doing rounds on the internet. With a single click, your company’s security can be compromised.

At an unprecedented time, an unprecedented approach is needed.

What is cyber-protection?

Cyber protection is an integrated approach taken towards protection of data which includes adhering to the 3-2-1 rule of backup and deploying innovative cybersecurity to overcome the threats to data, application, and systems at work and at home.

Can you afford a cyber-attack at this juncture?

When stock exchanges are tumbling, and the uncertainty of an economic recession is looming at large, security risk is the least you would want to take. With the complexities of handling a large volume of data and the fear of losing data on one side, and scams targeting backups on the other can restrict business efficiency when it is needed the most.

  • 7 in 10 companies admit they aren’t prepared to respond to cyberattacks

    Source: Inc

  • Just 1 in 4 businesses uses a hybrid of local and cloud backups, a best practice

    Source: Acronis

  • 10+ popular backup and anti-malware solutions are actively targeted by ransomware

    Source: Acronis

  • 40% organizations don’t protect Office 365 data, incorrectly assuming Microsoft does

    Source: Dark Reading

We rely on Acronis, to ensure that data is not only available over different mediums whenever required but is also transferred securely to remote users spread across geographically. Acronis’s Cyber Protection offers five-vector coverage – safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity and security.

Safety: The only way to keep your data safe is by creating reliable backups of your data, applications, and systems and storing them in a way that ensures information is available when you need to recover something.

Accessibility: Cyber protection is not about locking your hard drive in a vault, it is about securing it while letting you access data, applications and systems from wherever you are.

Privacy: You need your team to access information, but not all the information that’s there. Limit who can view what by managing permissions for users or by employing enterprise-grade encryption to block prying eyes.

Authenticity: Acronis eliminates the threat posed by unauthorized alterations. With blockchain notarisation, Acronis backup solutions offer indisputable proof that a file hasn’t been tampered with.

Security: Acronis backup includes an integrated defence that can stop all online threats, including new strains that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities. Thus, building an impenetrable shield around your backup

Secure your business as it transitions into a remote working mode with your servers being accessed over home computers using varied network connections. Act before it gets too late!