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managed it services for small business

Benefits of having Managed IT Services for Small Business

We are doing business in an age where IT processes are an integral part of business. So, to support your business processes you need a strong IT infrastructure that is safe and secure. The ongoing pandemic is teaching us we need technological processes that are adaptable as to work in different environments. The need is not only to adapt, but to adapt quickly with minimum downtime. Small Businesses understand they need to manage information technology better. For this, managed IT services for small business are being embraced and are reaping the rewards for it.

However, the majority of small businesses still think, hiring a solo person or engaging in a break-fix IT support, is acceptable.

What is best for you – an “on-the-go” IT company or hiring a full-time employee?

Imagine you run a family owned and operated clinic, and you have one employee to manage and support your IT systems. This employee is in charge of your clinic’s IT department. He is responsible for managing all your confidential patient data, point of sale systems, phone systems, video conferencing systems, employee payroll data, and so on.

Then suddenly, there is a cyber-attack that your employee can not recover from. You find you cannot access sensitive patient files, you have no backups, and now you have to inform all your clients of data breach. This obviously is a devastating scenario.

Such an incident, is a real one, one that has been told before. Without due diligence in proactive maintenance, you could be putting everything that you have built for so long at risk. Without experienced IT know-how and knowledge such instances will occur.

1. A Break-fix model can be asking for disaster

Pushing computers to the point of breaking are now long gone, and it is well documented on the dangers of doing so. This reactive approach more often than not results in longer delays in resolving issues. It can cost you not only money, but reputation and loss of business.

Contrary to the popular belief, the costs of outsourcing your IT to an experienced Managed IT Service Provider is minimal and can be cost effective. Especially, if you engage with the service provider for advice and assistance on business management processes and methodologies. A good managed service provider could also be called upon to be your virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO).

Manage technology the right way with Managed IT Services

2. Lack of expertise

As a small business, you may hire only an entry-level or mid-level technician. Your resources may not allow you to hire an experienced engineer who has a broad knowledge in multiple IT channels. So, in this, the inexperienced solo technician ends up with an overwhelming workload.

From networks to phones, to desktop support, to backups, to project implementations, to emails, to storage, will fall into your technician’s hand. This is a soup for disaster.

3. Interested to know what is covered under Managed IT Services?

With Managed IT Services for Small Business there is not just one single service that is offered by an MSP, there are a wide range of solutions. If the business demands, unique tailor-made options then having a larger team of skilled engineers is beneficial. Some of the services commonly provided include:

  1. Efficient on-call helpdesk IT support.
  2. Preventive maintenance of the entire infrastructure; including computers, routers and networks.
  3. Constant monitoring of equipment, alerting for any abnormal behaviours.
  4. Software assurance guarantees.
  5. Security checks, monitoring and alerts.
  6. Asset management and lifecycle controls.

For the most part, Managed IT Service providers work remotely as they access your systems through remote technologies saving you time and money.

4. So why are small businesses are embracing managed IT services?

  1. No cost surprises: Hiring a Managed Service Provider allows for a fixed cost service allowing for easy budgeting. Access teams of experts for less then the cost of hiring an employee.
  2. Expert Services: Engaging in a managed service company grants you access to experts in any issues you may have.
  3. Up to Date Security Measures: Of late, there have been numerous cases of data breaches or cyber-attacks in Australia. The cost of recovering from even a single security breach is staggering. For a small business, this amounts to thousands of dollars which could have been utilised elsewhere.

Additionally, it also results in loss of business reputation. Outsourcing IT gives even small businesses the best technological advantage. You will have up to date security measures including strict data compliance policies, sound firewalls, updated software and the best anti-virus protection. Learn more about cybersecurity offered by NETCorp.

  1. Minimum interruption: Most MSPs work remotely, meaning the need to physically access your system while fixing issues and running checks are at a bare minimum. This ensures that work runs uninterrupted even when IT issues are being fixed.
  2. Reduction in Downtime: A major portion of IT services includes maintenance. Regular maintenance reduces downtime and associated work interruptions. MSPs provide proactive solutions so that there are fewer glitches. They operate 24×7 so there is always somebody to address your issues and provide timely action.

5. Future Proofing

All these measures increase not only customer satisfaction but also reduce your business’s overhead expenses. Unless your prime area of business is technology, you will not invest your time in IT maintenance. A common thought is, why fix something that ain’t broke? Waiting for a problem to happen will be a costly tactical mistake.

  1. Innovative. With a Managed IT Services for Small Business provider helping you, they will select inovative, cost-effective technologies future proofing your business and the IT requirements well into the future.

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