Microsoft 365 CSP now switching to NCE plan

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Microsoft 365 CSP now switching to NCE plan

Microsoft has announced changes to the CSP program. The CSP will be switching to the New Commerce Experience (NCE) plan. NCE is now available for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, power platform and Windows365 in the CSP program.

10th March 2022 onwards NCE is the only plan available for any new business purchase.

NCE in CSP is a multi-stage, multi-year transformational journey to deliver a simplified engagement experience that benefits customers. This makes the services easier and will boost the businesses.

In the future, NCE will be introducing several new features like Home Use Program and Multi geo add-ons for Microsoft 365 to Microsoft CSP program

For Cancellation/Downgrade of Microsoft 365 NCE products

  1. Subscription auto-renews at the end of the term (monthly/annually), for cancellation first 72 hours of the start of any term the customer will receive a pro-rated refund.
  2. After the first 72 hours on any term (Monthly/annually) customer must pay for the entire term period.
  3. Monthly, Annual plans available to the customers
  4. After the cancellation, the customer will immediately lose access to the service, and it cannot be restored. The state for the subscription will be nonrecoverable.

For Upgrade of the subscription: Customers can add the subscription anytime and the charges will be prorated.

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