Office 365 August Price Rise

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Office 365 August Price Rise

Microsoft have announced a price rise for Office 365 effective 1st August 2015.

It is quite some price rise; between 20% and 30%.

All customers will have to upgrade to Hosted Exchange 2013 on the Office 365 platform and the commercial case for doing this now just became much more compelling!

Below is the table of current and New prices from 1st August 2015 for Office 365 from:

The current Hosted Exchange 2010 mailboxes hosted on infrastructure will also increase in price to $10.95 for customers up for renewals after the 1st of September 2015.

NETCorp IT Solutions highly recommends that you organise all monthly plans are migrated to Office 365 before this price rise hits and lock in the prices before the 1st August 2015.

NETCorp IT Solutions will help you with the migrations and try to make that process as seamless and cost-effective as we can. But you need to act fast.

The orders placed prior to 1st August 2015 will lock in the lower price for a full 12 months.

Many customers also have some customers on Office 365 via an Open License or some other arrangement where you receive less discount than you would with NETCorp IT Solutions and you are also juggling additional logins and accounts.

You can transition the license for these mailboxes to your NETCorp IT Solutions account without performing a migration or disrupting the service in any way.

How to Order Now and Beat the Price Rise

Just email our sales team at

Thank you for your continued support in FY2015


The NETCorp IT Solutions Team