Polling App in Microsoft Teams

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Polling App In Microsoft Teams

New Polls App to debut in Microsoft Teams soon

Surveys are essential to gauge responses and sentiments. As a marketing toll, it helps in understanding what works and what doesn’t with your customers. Microsoft provided this polling feature with the Microsoft Forms App. This polling feature could be integrated with Teams, unfortunately a good percentage of Microsoft users were unaware of this. So, Microsoft is introducing a new Polls App for Microsoft Teams alone. This new app will be discoverable in Teams meetings and chats as “Polls”.

With Polls, you will be able conduct survey during meetings and with chats. Accessing polls can’t get better than this. The arrival of Polls will mark retirement of the original Forms app from Teams chats and meetings. However, it can be access through Tabs in channel.

As the Polls is not a new app in essence, data migration is not required. Old polls will be visible in Forms app.

Microsoft will start rolling out the new feature by mid-October and expects to finish it by November end.

We will be back with more details on its user experience and layout soon.

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