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Website Design and Development Case Study

How NETCorp designed and built a website for an established electrical business in Perth

Lighting up a digital presence for 44-year-old CAM Electrical

Website Design and Development Case Study

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Website Design Services

CAM Electrical approached NETCorp to design and build their website. The purpose of the website being, to showcase the value they offer their clients and the quality of their work.

Website Design and Development Case Study


Terming CAM Electrical as an electrical business in WA would be an understatement. They boast a legacy of 44 years and have been an industry leader with experience ranging from small apartment electrical works to big commercial projects.

Being a successful business in their niche, the need for a website made little sense to them until now. Recently, CAM considered the need to connect to the clients and prospects to tell their story and the value they offer. The prospects (who usually do research online before approaching a business) could also be educated through the website.

Website Design and Development Case Study

Project Overview

CAM Electrical wanted a simple website that educated their prospects on the quality of service. For us, their history was of great value. So, we decided to build a website that balanced out all aspects while remaining true to the business.

Key achievements

Brand awareness

Lead generation

Functional website

How a website is created at NETCorp

Understanding how a business grew in over 44 years is no small thing. But that’s where we decided to start. Though we knew CAM, understanding their core business value and what drove them to excel was imperative to this project.

We decided to work hand-in-hand from the start. This ensured their stamp got imprinted, making the website more lively and true to the business. Having a personal touch makes every person interacting with the web page get the feel of the business.

Website Design and Development Case Study

Our approach to design was around creating a functional website that was easy to navigate and remained engaging. We wanted to demonstrate CAM’s ingenuity with an innovative site that reinstates their value, all while simply and directly presenting the visitor with what they’re looking for.

We zeroed on a template pretty soon. However, shaping the information architecture took a lot of pondering. That said, the process was worth all the time as we filtered the information into relevant sections and created a website architecture. CAM Electrical’s support in helping us build every bit is highly commendable.

Different elements in the recipe

The website content was planned and written to cater to different segments of the target audience. A targeted approach ensured every visitor found what they were looking for.

The main aim of the website was to drive leads deeper into the funnel. For which we created a contact capture form on every page. The form functions to help the visitors, especially those who are looking for urgent services, to contact the business quickly.

On the development side too, the website was programmed using responsive programming. The responsiveness ensured every visitor, irrespective of the device they were viewing on, experienced the website in its entirety.

Website Design and Development Case Study

To make it easy for our client to update the website, we opted for WordPress as the CMS.

Furthermore, to ensure the overall messaging of the site was direct, concise, and professional, we emphasized important information with bold applications of their branded colour palette to enhance the visual organization and increase the chance of a conversion.

Closing Notes

What makes this website different from other websites in the industry are the original photos of their team, making the site personal and honest.

Working with a client who understands the visual nuances is every designer’s dream, and through this project, our dream just came true. The look & feel of the final product is the result of CAM’s determination and effort put together with our professional knowledge.

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