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3CX WebMeeting
The New Revolution in Communication

How 3CX is transforming Unified Communication

As a Managed Service Provider here in Australia, we saw a surge in the demand for technologies that empowered communication over the internet – such as web meetings and video conferences. Though this demand was mainly due to the forced lockdown, we do understand that working from home or remotely to the office will become part of the new norm in an increasing capacity than ever before. The unprecedented situation created by the pandemic has shown businesses world over, that they can function just as efficiently with the remote working concept. This would also mean slashes in infrastructure costs, cutting on unnecessary travel costs, and a boost to customer service. But for all this to happen, there’s a need for a stable, secure and cost-effective communication technology that can meet your demands and perform consistently.

3CX is our obvious choice as it has delivered a hassle-free performance for us and our clients. Most of our clients did the door knocking at the eleventh-hour as they waited to see how the situation would turn out. In that scenario, the pressure was to provide quick and easy to implement technology that necessitated minimum onboarding help. With 3CX, it is easy to set up and get running.

Moreover, security was a major concern that made us choose 3CX over other video conferencing tools. Security of a dedicated system, like 3CX, cannot be compared with other applications.

Features of 3CX WebMeeting:

  • Voice and Video calls
  • Document Sharing
  • Advanced online classroom features
  • Text Chat & File Transfer
  • Screen Sharing & Remote Control
  • Join a meeting from any device

3CX WebMeeting

3CX WebMeeting Interface: Image Courtesy 3CX

Stable with low bandwidth

The increased dependency on the internet has put pressure on the network making it snap frequently. With 3CX, you can compensate for low bandwidth by adjusting the “Video adaptivity” in 3CX WebMeeting. This setting allows you to lower the quality of your video being transmitted for all participants in the meeting. So, enjoy your video calls with zero disruption.

Here’s is how to change the video adaptivity settings:

During a web conference:

  1. Click on the “Settings” icon above the left-side participants’ panel to open up the “Settings” dialogue.
  2. Choose a preset that works best in your case:
  • Balanced” – The default preset for the “Video Adaptivity” can lower the video quality up to 40%.
  • Stability” – If your participants still experience connectivity issues or disconnections, it’s best to drag the slider to the left to set this preset. This potentially lowers video quality up to 80% for participants with lower-bandwidth connections.
  • Quality” – To ensure the best possible video quality irrespective of your participants’ connection specifications, set this preset to allow video quality drop no more than 15%.
  • Close the dialogue to apply your settings.
  • Video Adaptivity Settings in 3CX WebMeeting: Image courtesy 3CX

    WebMeeting is being ramped up

    Effectiveness of remote working depends a lot on seamless communication and the ability to see each other to gauge emotions and feel connected. But with that, you also need the freedom to safeguard your privacy.

    Therefore, 3CX is working to improve the video conferencing experience by adding new features. In this, they have added a feature wherein you can set your device before entering a web conference. This feature will allow you to disable your WebCam or Microphone beforehand. It is a great feature considering the instances of unintentionally joining a meeting with video when participants were not prepared for it.

    3CX WebMeeting

    WebCam and Mic settings for joining 3CX WebMeeting: Image courtesy 3CX

    You can also protect your meeting room with moderation option (available in the extension settings), where an attendee will have to “Ask to Join”.

    For attendees who are invited ad-hoc, via so-called “Open Links”, it is now easier to enter their guest name prior to the meeting. Additionally, the “Open Link” of your personal meeting room will now use your vanity URL if set by the administrator. This directly gives the meeting a more personal touch.

    *Not available on some browsers, system default will be used as the playback device. Supported browers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, New Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari 13

    Time is everything, so 3CX saves your preferred configuration, not just for the audio-video stream, but also for preferred devices to make it easier for you to join a meeting. No wasting time on settings. Also, there will soon be a feature to schedule recurring meetings – daily, weekly or monthly meetings.

    Another impressive feature is the ability to chat with users in a meeting through the Web Client chat. The static meeting rooms from the Web Client will be assigned to Meetings to be used as group chat rooms and collaboration rooms.

    Some other features and improvements are:


    3CX offers a barrier-less online meeting experience as attendees do not require to sign-up or reveal their personal details such as phone number, email address or birthday, keeping their personal data secured.

    An app-free experience is also an added advantage of using 3CX WebMeeting. You do not have to overwhelm your phone or desktop with another app, all you need is a link to join a video meeting on either Google Chrome, New Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. Users on the new Apple Safari, on macOS (Catalina) and iPad (iOS 13) can now natively join meetings directly with their built-in browser.

    If you are using an unsupported browser, this is what you need to do to join a video conference.

    3CX WebMeeting
    3CX WebMeeting

    Moderation feature: Participation Request for joining a web meeting


    A moderator can request an attendee to enable audio/video but is still in control of attendee’s audio/video and can enable or disable it anytime. Soon to come, as an addition to this feature is the ability of the host to mute all participants and restrict the right of any attendee to turn it back on, even if the meeting is not “Classroom” preset.

    Seeing is Believing - Experience the most secured and user-friendly web conferencing tool first hand

    About 3CX

    3CX is a VoIP based phone system that can be deployed on any platform. With over the IP telephony, you can save up to 80% every year.

    • No per extension licensing, pay for simultaneous calls
    • Self-host or run on own hardware on Windows or Linux
    • Easily add and manage extensions

    3CX phone systems provide a Unified Communication solution that aligns with all your company’s needs: increasing productivity, reducing business travel time and costs, streamlining operations, improving customer service, and propelling sales. Supported by its mobile app that can be installed on Android or iOS.

    3CX WebMeeting
    3CX WebMeeting

    If you need help in making the right choice – we are here for you!