Microsoft is rebranding the Planner App in Teams to Tasks App

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Microsoft is rebranding the Planner App in Teams to Tasks App

Planner app and To Do to merge into Tasks app

The new and improved Tasks app is an integration of Planner and To Do, where you will be able to see your tasks as well as team tasks in a single integrated app. As an icing on the cake, Microsoft will have a new mobile task within teams exclusively for mobile devices.

How does this affect me?

The plan is to make available two tasks – individual tasks scheduled in To Do and team tasks powered by Planner. So, you would essentially see two lists, unlike one that you see right now, and you can access the new Tasks app the way you access Planner now. Moreover, you will be able to add new Tasks tabs to the channels in teams you belong to.

Microsoft is rebranding the Planner App in Teams to Tasks App

The Tasks mobile experience will be rolled out only after completing rollout to all public cloud organisations. The logo update will come in effect only after the complete rollout. The logo will also be rolled out in 2 phases, so to say. In the first phase, Tasks will be Tasks by Planner and To Do, after everybody is accustomed to the improved app, its name will be shortened to Tasks.

According to Microsoft, “with the new Tasks experience in Teams, we are delivering several capabilities that will support new levels of team collaboration. Tasks targeting, publishing, and reporting in Teams allows corporate and regional leadership to send task lists targeted to the relevant locations, such as specific retail stores, and track their progress through automatic real-time reports. Managers have tools to easily direct activities within their stores, and Firstline Workers have a simple prioritized list available via their personal or company-issued mobile device showing them exactly what to do next.”

“This name change applies only to the Planner app in Teams. All other Planner clients and To Do clients will keep their existing names, and users can continue to use those clients to manage tasks just as they do today.”

As part of this change, you may need to change the existing internal training or documentation on the Planner app.

When will this come in effect?

Microsoft will start rolling out the new Tasks app in May or June, which is to be completed by mid-July.

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