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Best Cyber Security Solution 2021

Best Cyber Security Solution 2021

Trend Micro Co-Managed XDR best Detection, Investigation and Response

NETCorp has been vocal about cyber security in the recent past. Our main concern is the increased threat penetration and the complexity of these attacks. We are quite aware that for most businesses one major attack would mean the end of the business. This concern made us hunt for the best security solution to offer our clients. Industry research, trend analysis, customer reviews were scrutinised to find the best cyber security solution that understood and worked around the current and futuristic threat landscape. Our research led us to Trend Micro (TM) Co-Managed XDR.

What is Trend Micro’s Co-Managed XDR?

Most security solutions are bordered around one-point security which offered only one layer of security. For instance, if a security solution safeguarded emails if only looked at emails to perceive future threats. As attacks are growing in sophistication, it is imperative to look for threats in all directions. Moreover, old security solutions could perform only event correlation without response. So, the XDR is developed as an alternative solution to tackle the most modern threats by

  1. Identifying threats that are highly complex in nature and are camouflaged
  2. Tracks threats across multiple system components
  3. High detection and response speed
  4. Greater investigation and a better understanding of threat patterns
  5. Co-managed by MSP

Trend Micro Co-Managed XDR collects and correlates data across different environments – email, servers, cloud solutions, networks and endpoints – this cross-analysis creates visibility, enabling rapid detection and response to attack vectors.

With more context, events that may seem benign can suddenly become meaningful indicators of compromise (IoC), Trend Micro XDR allows your cyber security experts to quickly contain the impact, minimizing the severity and scope.

One place for investigation also simplifies the steps to achieving an attack-centric view of an entire chain of events across security layers with the ability to take response actions from a single place.

Beyond the single vector | Correlated detection | Integrated investigation and response

Trend Micro

How Does Trend Micro Co-Managed XDR Work?


  • With automated, analytics-driven alarm monitoring, correlation and prioritization, you can quickly extract and identify events that require further investigation.
  • Automatically scans your environment for signs of newly discovered intrusions (IoCs) or attacks (IoA). The platform uses IoCs and IoAs found in other customer environments, as well as shared via third-party disclosures or US-CERT.
  • Integrates with other Trend Micro solutions, leveraging their detection capabilities.


  • When an attack is detected, Trend Micro experts create a root cause analysis including attack vectors, dwell time, spread, and impact.
  • In-house analysts can use Trend Micro’s Intelligent Protection Network, including security researchers from 15 global threat research centres, to consolidate data and gain insights on threat methods and actors.
  • Customers can work directly with Trend Micro security analysts during the investigation and response process.


  • Provides information on as many threat alerts as possible, by creating incident cases with detailed information about affected hosts, IoCs, and recommended mitigation actions.
  • Generates a monthly report summarizing the previous month’s case activity—cases and reports are accessible through the Customer Success Portal and emailed to targeted recipients.

Service Reviews

  • One per quarter, Trend Micro provides a formal service performance assessment, which includes a review of XDR service performance, major events and incidents, faults, change requests and implementation, and recommendations for improvement.

How to make the best out of an MSP, like NETCorp, with co-managed XDR?

None understands your system and its vulnerabilities like your Managed Service Provider. Your MSP has been monitoring your systems and networks relentlessly and thus enjoy visibility that a new security expert may lack. With Co-managed XDR you get the best of both worlds with 24/7 monitoring by Trend Micro Security Experts and the MSP. When anomalies are detected in the network TM experts and security engineers at NETCorp work hand-in-hand to detect and analyse the threat landscape. Hence, a multi-layered defence is created that is hard to penetrate.

*Video courtesy: Trend Micro

5 Benefits of Trend Micro’s Co-Managed XDR

  • Enhanced capability to prevent attacks
  • Improved visibility
  • Lightning speed responses
  • Greater control
  • Better productivity

How Co-Managed XDR Differs From Other Security Solutions?

A co-managed XDR offers the combined skills of IT experts and cyber security analysts. Moreover, as threats are read in correlation with other environments and not as isolated events, it creates ease of understanding the threat pattern.

By collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources, TM XDR solutions can better validate alerts, thereby reducing false positives and increasing reliability. This helps reduce any time teams might waste on excessive or inaccurate alerts. According to Gartner, this results in improved productivity in security teams and allows faster, more automated responses.

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